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Our Help Desk services are offered by our dedicated in-house staff during regular business hours. In most cases, our Help Desk answers most user questions on the first contact, while creating and triaging cases to our Subject Matter Experts for assistance with more complex situations. 

Our competitive pricing makes it easy for your team to get the the answers they need, when they need them, while keeping your costs low. 

Additionally, we offer discounted support packages that can be used as needed.

Our standard billing rate is $225, with discounted packages priced as follows:

< 120 hours annually: $220/hour

120-360 hours annually: $210/hour

360-500 hours annually: $205/hour

500-1000 hours annually: $200/hour

1000+ hours annually: $195/hour 

*Discounts apply to prepaid blocks of hours only.


Need to file a claim or return a product? 

Get the information you need to have it processed quickly.


Customer Care

We’re ready to assist you with any sales or post-sales issues, from tracking a lost shipment, correcting a bill to submitting a return.

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Help Center

Visit our help center to get immediate answers to many topics related to buying online and your post-order experience.

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